Premium Luxury Packaging All types of printing and finishing on a wide range of luxury materials Europe

Packaging Estimation

All types of printing and finishing on a wide range of luxury materials

Core competence in paper, cadboard and film luxury packaging 

packaging, process in print, flexo, offset, screen print

Production and Printing Processes

Overview of company processes for premium packaging production


  • Hot Stamping - hot foil print and stamp of a variety of surfaces
  • Offset print - most common for short runs of paper and cardboard
  • Flexo print - can print on all types of paper, cardboard and plastic
  • Digital personalization - laser digital print of variable data
  • Inkjet print - nozzle application, can process all types of material and inks
  • Screen print - mostly for plastic and metal printing and gravure


  • Folding and glueing - finishing of all types of boxes, envelopes, bags and others
  • Embossing - relief print, for additional effect or for blind reading
  • Foil stamping - hot foil stamping for exclusive look and touch
  • Wet lamination - glue based lamination on paper and cardboard
  • Thermal lamination - thermal lamination for shiny surface and finish
  • Plastic detail finishing - injection moulding of parts and locks for packaging
  • Window patching - window of plastic transparent material on envelopes and boxes
  • Metal and plastic assembly - metal part manufacturing for boxes and binders
  • Binding - folders and binders in a case, mostly used for office and school binders