Premium Luxury Packaging Capabilities and core competences in the premium packaging sector Europe

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Capabilities and core competences in the premium packaging sector

A list of composite materials we use for manufacturing of luxury packaging

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Packaging materials we can process

Packaging surface materials we use

As paper, cardboard and plastic films are the main materials we use, we always keep them on stock in different grades and sizes. For all other materials required in packaging we work closely with companies to so we use whatever they have on stock. For that matter, we can offer huge variety of materials and finishes on demand, besided the ones we alrady have in stock and finishing we have in our company. For more information, please write to us. 

Packaging materials we can process

-  Cardboard GD/GC 140-800 gsm - 16 different shades for luxury packaging applications and top quality print

-  Uncoated paper 40-160 gsm - a wide range of colours and surface coatings, engravings and ribbed surfaces

-  Corrugated material E, F and H flute - all possibles types of corrugated materials in white and brown for boxes

-  Plastic films BOPP and PET 10-70 microns - clear, coloured and metalized types for lamination onto cartons

-  Wooden and plastic materials for finishing - embossed, stamped and laminated materials for packaging

-  Coated papers - 80-160 gsm for envelopes - huge variety of papers for envelopes, paper bags and stationery

-  Kraft and natron papers for paper packaging and wrapping of luxury products and wares

-  Metal sheets for laminating up to 2 mm thick - printing, laminating, embossing and other processes for premium boxes

-  Textiles, printed or unprinted for patching - print on textiles with different classes of dye inks for linen

-  Laminated and coated stock for packaging - our own luxury packaging materials that we produce in-house

-  Plastic and self adhesives for labels - labelling materials for specific applications in the product processing business 

-  Coated and uncoated paper for shopping bags - materials suited for the production of paper bags and sacks

-  Tear resistant and water resistant materials and laminates that add value to brands and campaigns

-  Paperboard up to 10 mm thick, and corrugated up to 25 mm for floor stands and counter displays

-  Metal, wood and plastic parts for stands, boxes, and closures - hinges, locks, magnets and other insignia