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Advertising Bag for Bread

Promotional bag for bread keep bread fresh and warm. Bags can be created with an interesting appearance to stand out from the competition.

Airmail Printed Envelope

Material we use: - Cardboard GD/GC/GT 140-800 gsm – 16 different shades for luxury packaging applications and top quality print. - Kraft and natron papers for paper packaging and wrapping of luxury products and wares. - Laminated and coated stock for packaging – our luxury packaging materials that we produce in-house. - Paperboard up to 10 mm thick, and corrugated up to 25 mm for floor stands and counter dis-plays. - Corrugated material E, F, B, C and H flute – all possibles types of corrugated materials in white and brown for boxes and combinations from these types. - Uncoated paper 30-220 gsm – a wide range of colours and surface coatings, engravings and ribbed surfaces.

Bag for Food

Food bags are specially designed to keep food warm and fresh. These bags are most often made of kraft.

Bag Kraft

The kraft bags are used in food stores. Kraft has a natural look that does not need printing.

Bag with Print and Handles

Bags with print and handles are most often used for shopping. They can have different designs that promote the brand.

Bag with Print and Soft Headles

Printed bags are luxurious and are used in big stores to make the brand stand out.

Bag with Twisted Handles

Shopping bags can have different designs to promote the brand. The bags can have twisted handles, handles of the same material or of a different one.

Bag with Two Colors and Handles

The bag has two colors and twisted handles of the same material. The bag can have handles of different materials.

Bags for Shopping

The kraft bags for shopping have a natural look. Kraft is an inexpensive material and is often chosen over white cardboard.

Bangtail Envelope

The Bangtail Envelope type is a great way to integrate advertisement onto your envelopes.

Bank Atm Envelopes

We offer custom Bank Atm Envelopes to help your transaction.

Bank Envelope

Our Bank Envelope are available in different formats and sizes.