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Bespoke Custom Packaging

Adding decoration to your packaging, whether it be printing your brand on the box, using cute message inserts, all increases the value of the contents inside.

Bespoke Foam Packaging

Foam boxes are designed to protect expensive products. Such items are most often given as a gift.

Bespoke Rigid Packaging

Rigid boxes, which are made of durable paperboard coated with printed and adorned paper, leather, provide a good combination of product protection and perceived luxury.

Boxes and Inserts

Inserts are placed in luxury boxes or shipping boxes. Their role is to hold objects still and protect them from damage.

Brown Packaging for Bread

Brown bread packaging are suitable for direct food contact. This type of bag keeps the bread warm for a longer time.

Cake Packaging

The cake packaging is made of high-quality white cardboard, which can be printed with various technologies.

Cardboard Inserts

Custom inserts will not only help secure your products inside the box but also help provide a display for your products during the unboxing.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging can be of different shapes and sizes. Adding a laminate to the inside of the package allows food to be placed directly.

Cardboard Packaging for CD

CD packaging is made of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard protects CDs from breaking, scratching.

Cardboard Packaging for Flowers

The packaging needs to be able to provide maximum product protection to keep these delicate items safe in transit, while also creating a memorable unboxing experience for the recipient.

Cardboard Packaging for Protection Food

Cardboard inserts protect products from damage. In most cases, they are without a design, but if the customer wants to make a luxury box, an interesting print can be added.

Cardboard Packaging with Holes

The boxes with holes allow customers to see the contents. The holes can be of different sizes and shapes.