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Blue Cake Pad

Cake pads in various colors are only made to order. Adding laminate is an important part of creating the pads.

Cake Pad

Cake pads are the perfect decoration for them. The pads can be made in a different shape to order.

Cardboard Pads

The cardboard cake pads have an additional laminated coating. This laminate allows the cake to be placed directly on the pad.

Circle Laminated Pad

This round pad is silver laminated. The laminate is an essential part of the cake pads.

Circle Pad for Cake

One of the most commonly used cake pads is round in shape. Pads can have wavy ends. The laminate can be silver or gold.

Circle Pads

Circle pads are most commonly used by customers. They can be made in a different shape to order, and the laminate can be gold or silver laminate.

Circle Silver Pad

A cake pad is a thick piece of material designed to support cakes or even cupcakes to improve your presentation and make transportation easier.

Circle Silver Pads

Circle silver laminated cake pads are strong and durable. They can be made in different shapes and sizes.

Corrugated Pad

Some pads are made from corrugated cardboard. It is a strong material that can be of different thicknesses.

Custom Gold Pad

Custom pads can be of different shapes. Gold pads look more luxurious than silver ones, but they are also more expensive.

Custom Pad

Custom pads can be made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard or rigid material.

Custom Round Gold Pad

Gold pads can be made in different shape to order. This allows the customers to create the most comfortable pad for their product.