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Advertising Business Card

These business multi-tools fulfill many of the professional’s basic needs: advertising, brand recognition, call-to-action, and of course contact information. A business card is a small, printed, usually credit-card-sized paper card that holds your business details, such as name, contact details and brand logo. Due to their size and ease of printing, business cards are relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk.

Advertising Custom Stand

The color of corrugated cardboard display stand must be eye-catching enough, and consumers’ eyes can spot it in the first time.

Advertising Display

Advertising displays are used in every large store. The print on the display may be the same as the products in it.

Advertising Floor Stand

The custom table display stand is used as a silent promotional tool in shopping malls, so it is very important to choose a suitable paper display stand to display its products.

Advertising Stand

The final effect of the corrugated paper display stand is to make the store a unified style, so the appearance design of the display stand starts from the color selection.

Aluminium Silver Metal Ring Binder Folder

This binder is suitable for storing documents and can be branded in different styles.

Box Lid

The lid of the box has a punched window. This allows customers to view the content. The lid is constructed with larger dimensions than the box. The print can only be on the lid to create a clean look.

Cardboard Folder With Print

Custom designed and printed folders are a great boost to your business identity. A great design will make your folders eye-catching and memorable - delivering an at-a-glance insight into your organisation whilst boosting your brand.

Cardboard Packaging For Chocolates

Like all brand designs, packaging plays a vital role in telling the story of what your brand is all about. If you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone, you should consider sending one in custom chocolate boxes. Customized packaging boxes make your chocolates different and unique. Customization offers you a lot of features that a product manufacturer can adopt to make its chocolate business high.

Cardboard Shelf for Books

Cardboard bookshelves are easy to assemble. They are made of corrugated cardboard.

Cardboard Stand Custom

The cardboard display stands are all printed paper and high-hardness paperboard, which are sufficient to carry promotional items and meet strict environmental requirements.

Cardboard Stand Floor

The appearance of the cardboard display stand can be printed in color, which is an excellent advertising carrier.