Luxury Printed Custom Packaging

We offer a wide range of bespoke printed  custom envelopes, luxury printed paper bags, food trays, boxes, food and wine packaging.


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Guaranteed quality production and competitive prices based on EU standarts.

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Custom Packaging, Packaging On Demand, Luxury Printed Custom Packaging

Our concern is serving our customer’s needs, making sure they recieve the best quality and service available. And that goal is pursued by all aspects of the company – from Slaes and Customer Service to Production to Administration – to make sure our customers are satisfied with the product and service they recieve from us.

Packaging Excellence has:

  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Packaging
  • Luxury and Printed Packaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Pads,Cake Stock Boxes
  • 100% Fully Personalised Packaging
  • Excellent Community and Support

Packaging and Boxes, Bags, Envelopes, Packaging, Stands, Pads, Branded Packaging, Labels, Corrugated Packaging and much more..

There are many variations of designs and finishing options
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Custom Orders Are Our Speciality

We can manufacture standart-size products, the specialities have become our speciality. Whether you need a speacial papers, sizes or new features, we are ready to do whatever it takes to meet your demands on competitive prices.

Great Location

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria and delivering packaging to most countries in EU, Polycart is offering a wide range of packaging for all types and sectors of the economy.In order or in stock, specialized in paper,carton and corrugated packaging.

Employees - Our Strength

We know that our people are very important factor for our success, so we try to create a pleasant working environment with smooth workflow and organization with proper communication.

Mission Statement and Long Term Values

To provide complete solutions to customers for paper, corrugated and carton packaging at the most competitives prices in the EU, with great survice and fast delivery, allowing us to achieve at least 20% grow each year.

Technology is The Key

We understant that technology is our main competitive advantage, therefore we invest constantly in new equipment. Through the years the company has kept technologically up-to-date with equipment and procedures to maintain an efficent production facility.

Environmental Solutions

We care about the environment, which is why we use Kraft paper, Fully recyclable papers, Eco materials and all ICO sertifications with proper machines and specialised workers.

We Give You What You Need

Custom Packaging and Packaging On Demand

Explore our wide variety of packaging products, including boxes, pads, envelopes, paper packaging, cartboard products and many more.


You leave a request and our team will contact you. Or you can call us yourself


Disscus your needs

Its variable on what packaging are you looking for, if your needs are based on our stock availability or something on demand


First Tests

After clearing all the details and technical tests on your project, our team begin with producing hand – made samples.


Producing And Delivery

After hand – made approved samples we are starting the production of your packaging, clear the delivery terms and payments.