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Polycart is a luxury box producer located in southeastern Europe. There is a need in the business field to be remarkable, as customers often see the packaging before the product, especially when it comes to in-store shopping, that is why it is essential to be picky when choosing the materials and design of your packaging, to ensure it conveys the item’s quality and draws attention. For many people, interesting and nice-looking packaging is a part of the experience of buying premium products, paying a lot of money for something only to be delivered in a forgettable mediocre packaging is quite disappointing for the customers, which you as a company have to avoid at all cost. This was always the case, but it’s even more important now that thanks to social media and the rising popularity of unboxing.

We manufacture a wide range of packaging boxes and bags that we have available in stock. However, the thing we specialize in is high-quality customized packaging with all kinds of production techniques as well as finishing touches and elements to complement the item inside. The distinguishing of luxury boxes is their rigid structure, that not only feels nice to hold and touch but offers the additional protection that your products need. To improve the unboxing experience we offer customized cardboard and foam inserts that are made to fit your product perfectly and improve the overall presentation of the product.

Luxury Box With Lid
Cardboard Box With Insert

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