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Polycart is Here to Meet All of Your Packaging Needs

Polycart LLC is a Bulgarian packaging producer that specializes in all kinds of paper, cardboard, plastic, foil, and rigid packaging and office and school supplies.

We offer packaging solutions for various fields of business, both retail and high-end. Even tho we work with Western European countries, from a marketing viewpoint, we consider the countries of Southeastern Europe as our local market, where we are the most competitive.

Thanks to the region’s labor costs, we are able to deliver quality products while keeping the price fair and competitive.
With time and the advancement of our company, we incorporated new ways of working, along with newer machines, and our services expanded into packaging of all kinds, but our area of expertise remains the production of customized cardboard packaging.

We offer a wide range of packaging boxes and paper bags of different models and types, and each one of them can be modified into a bespoke package. That means that no matter what type of product you sell, we can offer you exactly what you need, and if the custom packaging on demand is beyond your budget, we have a wide range of packaging in stock for you to choose from.

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Polycart LLC

Slavianska 46, BG-2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, EU

Call us at:+359 421 007

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